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Gianpaolo Gallian started drumming at the age of 9. He soon began studying Percussion Instruments at the Conservatory of Music in Rovigo (IT), which he attended for 8 years. After that, he switched to private drum studies, attending several seminars and drum events across the country. He then came back to academical studies, earning his Master Degree in Jazz Musical Disciplines in 2021.

As a drummer, he has played in many different musical situations, from Top 40 to contemporary jazz-fusion to contemporary pop-rock, touring around Italy and Europe, while recording as a session player for some studios, and teaching privately.

He authored several works and publications over the years. In addition, he is the editor of his Official YouTube Artist channel, on which he regularly uploads music of his own composition, linked to his own projects, or other artists' in the form of covers.

He is co-runner of his own musical project, "Lineaquattro", with which he has released two albums, "Lineaquattro" & "Magenta", one EP, "Master Graduation", and several singles. He has recently released his third album "A Good Crossing", available on all major digital platforms.

Gianpaolo Gallian’s Musical Odyssey:

A Close Look at "A Good Crossing"

After two successful solo albums, Gianpaolo Gallian returns with "A Good Crossing". In this piece, we explore the album’s nuances, the artist’s writing process, and the overarching themes of this musical journey.

Album critics should take note: “A Good Crossing” is a conceptual masterpiece. Over the course of 12 tracks, Gianpaolo Gallian leads the listener on a healing trip through a wide range of emotions, from despair to hope. The songs feature a wide range of musical styles, from the synthpop and pop-country of the ’80s and ’90s to the dark, almost metal atmospheres and acoustic compositions of today. Thanks to the wide range of musical influences on display, this journey will appeal to listeners of all tastes.

Gallian stresses the importance of experiencing “A Good Crossing” as a whole, rather than as a compilation of singles. This method encourages listeners to get lost in the album’s larger story. Each song was written with consideration for the others, resulting in a cohesive whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The making of this record took over a year of thought and deliberation from everyone involved. Gianpaolo Gallian carefully chose each song’s subject, wrote the music and lyrics, selected the instruments used, and created the album cover. The music’s depth and quality reflect the artist’s commitment to their trade.

One of the album’s tunes, “Spending Too Much,” demonstrates the range of Gallian’s musical inspirations. The song fuses Adult Album Alternative with ’80s-style pop/rock in the vein of performers like Peter Gabriel and David Bowie. The album’s sound is distinct and interesting thanks to the blending of these influences.

The dedication Gallian has to his craft is palpable all through “A Good Crossing.” He did everything from writing and performing the music to programming and producing the record. The artist’s willingness to get his hands dirty demonstrates his commitment to his work and his desire to take his audience on an intimate trip.

Individuals who sign up for Gianpaolo Gallian’s mailing list can get it from his site for free. This allows supporters to learn about the artist’s future plans while listening to high-quality music.

To listen to “A Good Crossing” is to embark on a musical journey inside the mind of Gianpaolo Gallian and discover the breadth of his imagination. This album will take listeners on a journey thanks to its eclectic influences, careful production, and dedication to providing a complete musical experience. Therefore, “Happy crossing!” as Gallian puts it.



"Easy Jams for Drum Set"

More than a drummer's album

"Easy Jams for Drum Set", Gianpaolo Gallian's second solo album, is indeed more than just an album for drummers. Despite its title, in fact, it features eight pieces in different styles, from funk to gospel, fusion to pop, easy listening to modern jazz, the whole gamut of musical colors is well represented here, and in this case the cover artwork is really an indication of a colorful, entertaining and differentiated product. The eight tracks are at the same time enjoyable yet they bear an almost-hypnotic quality, while some of them are definitely radio-tailored, such as the ABBA-sounding "Midday Moon", and the smooth jazz single "Almost There". "Modern Times" challenges the listener in a medium-jazz waltz round that resembles the sound of Tony Williams' piano trio, while the single "Groovalicious" brings us back to the early stages of drum-centered, latin-tinged fusion of the eighties. The whole product was conceived, played, programmed and produced by Gallian, and by no mistake drummers also get eight bonus minus-drum mixes to play-along with (hence the title). We recommend you to take a good listen to the product, you might find some tasteful gems that might stay in your mind for an unexpectedly prolonged time. Have a good run at "Easy Jams for Drum Set"!

"Easy Tunes for Drum Set (With Play-Alongs)"

Gianpaolo's debut solo album

"Easy Tunes for Drum Set (With Play-Alongs)" represents Gianpaolo Gallian's debut as a solo artist. The album features eight tracks in different styles, all with the common denominator of being released in a package expressively addressed to young drummers out there. The intent of the author here is to create an "edutaining" package, that is at the same time educational in purpose and entertaining in shape. The eight tracks flow one after the other very well, starting with the single "Thirst", reminiscent of Yellowjackets and Phil Collins, going to the quasi-Steely Dan "Mr. H.B." (later become "Humphrey Bogart" in a group rendition by Lineaquattro), the Toto-ish "Push Forth", the traditional-gospel sounding "The Lord Is Good", to the smooth jazz single "Easy Come Easy Go", with notes of Brian Culbertson. Everything here is conceived, played, programmed and produced by the author, who lets some drums be played by the young drummers also with the presence of eight bonus minus-drum mixes in the package at no additional cost. Every drummer who buys the album and records a video on YouTube will get the chance to be featured on Gianpaolo's Official YouTube Artist channel, just by sending him the link to their videos. Check out Gianpaolo's dedicated YouTube playlist for more information.

Lineaquattro Press

Lineaquattro’s Newest Album, “Magenta,” Is A Fascinating Fusion Of Jazz-Funk And Latin Rhythms.

Lineaquattro, the talented musical collective, is back with their latest album, “Magenta,” showcasing a seamless blend of jazz-funk, Latin rhythms, and touches of vocal pop. The album comprises ten captivating tracks, featuring a mix of original compositions and covers from renowned artists such as Kenny Burrell, Lee Ritenour, Joe Sample, Steely Dan, and Yellowjackets.

With the addition of four exceptional international guests, Lineaquattro delivers a musical experience that is both dynamic and diverse. Cristiano Gallian plays guitars and does audio engineering for the group. Marco Baxa plays guitars, Nick Muneratti plays bass, Marco Pollice plays keyboards and does programming, and Gianpaolo Gallian plays drums and does programming. Together, they create an intricate tapestry of sound that carries listeners away to an exotic world of jazz-infused rhythms and melodies.

In addition to their exceptional original compositions, Lineaquattro brings their unique touch to five cover songs by esteemed artists. Paying homage to legends like Kenny Burrell, Lee Ritenour, Joe Sample, Steely Dan, and Yellowjackets, Lineaquattro infuses these tracks with their own distinctive style, adding fresh interpretations and innovative arrangements. To elevate the album’s sonic landscape, Lineaquattro welcomes four remarkable international guests. Massimo Morganti on trombone, Leo Di Angilla on percussions, Daniel Chia on saxophone, and Miss Lou on vocals contribute their immense talent and artistry, enhancing the album’s depth and diversity. “Magenta” encompasses a captivating journey through jazz-funk and Latin-tinged fusion, expertly crafted by Lineaquattro.

The band’s fusion of genres results in an infectious and vibrant sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners. From the intricate guitar work to the intricate keyboard programming, each element is meticulously arranged to create a cohesive and immersive musical experience. Lineaquattro’s commitment to musical excellence shines through in every aspect of “Magenta.” The album showcases their dedication to creating a harmonious balance between original compositions and beloved classics. With their exceptional musicianship and innovative arrangements, Lineaquattro breathes new life into each track, infusing them with their own artistic vision. Whether you’re a jazz enthusiast, a fan of Latin rhythms, or simply appreciate well-crafted music, Lineaquattro’s “Magenta” offers something special. Dive into the world of Lineaquattro and let their fusion of jazz, funk, and Latin-inspired sounds transport you to a realm of musical enchantment on Spotify below:



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