Who I Am

and what I do...

Hello! My name is Gianpaolo Gallian, I come from Rovigo, Italy and as a musician I focus mostly on drumming, songwriting and music production in general. I am currently working on the release and distribution of my third solo album, "A Good Crossing", besides my two first solo albums, "Easy Tunes for Drum Set (With Play-Alongs)" & "Easy Jams for Drum Set", two hybrid productions which are partly entertaining and partly educational.

I have studied classical percussion instruments for 8 years, then switched to private drum studies, attending several seminars and drum events across the country. I then came back to academical studies, earning my Master Degree in Jazz Musical Disciplines in October, 2021.

As a drummer, I have played in many different musical situations, from Top 40 to contemporary jazz-fusion to contemporary pop-rock, touring around Italy and Europe, while recording as a session player for some studios, and teaching privately.

In addition to other publications, I am the editor of my Official YouTube Artist channel, on which I regularly upload music of my own composition, or linked to my own projects, or from other artists in the form of covers. I am co-runner of my own musical project, "Lineaquattro", with which I have released two albums, "Lineaquattro" & "Magenta", and one EP, "Master Graduation", besides different singles all available on all major digital music distributors.